Registrar is open source software for accurate spatial registration of multiple overlapping stacks of images, registration of stacks of images acquired in a time-lapse manner, and registration of image plains within individual stacks. Registrar provides a utility for registration based on translation, rigid, affine, and B-spline transformations. This software was developed by Seyed M.M. Kahaki with input from other members of the Neurogeometry group.

Installation and System Requirements

Registrar can be downloaded at Start MATLAB, navigate to the software folder, and run Registrar in the MATLAB command window. Registrar is designed to run sequentially or in parallel, on a PC or a cluster.

Sample Data

To test the software, download (~160 MB) and extract its components. This folder includes the Neocortical Layer 1 Axons dataset of the DIADEM Competition, which can be used along with spatial registration.