BoutonAnalyzer is open source software for detection and tracking of structural changes in en passant boutons in time-lapse light-microscopy stacks of images. This software was developed by Rohan Gala with input from other members of the Neurogeometry group.

Installation and System Requirements

The software can be downloaded at Start MATLAB, navigate to the software folder, and run BoutonAnalyzer in the MATLAB command window. Do not change the MATLAB path while running the software. BoutonAnalyzer is designed to run on Windows and Mac installations of MATLAB (versions 2015a and higher).

Sample Data

To test the software, download (~280Mb, updated August 25, 2017) and extract its contents. This dataset includes three image stacks acquired in a time-lapse manner within an hour (courtesy of Holtmaat Lab., University of Geneva, Switzerland) and traces of three axons reconstructed in all imaging sessions.

User Guide