NCTracer Web

NCTracer Web is web-based software for collaborative studies of the structure and dynamics of neural circuits based on large datasets of optical microscopy images. This software is being developed in collaboration with the research group of Prof. Mirek Riedewald from Khoury College of Computer Sciences. We are using emerging image-processing methods to develop software modules for image import and registration, visualization and navigation, automated neuron tracing, feature detection, and computer-guided correction of errors.

NCTracer Web is designed to automatically parallelize data-intensive computations and run efficiently on systems ranging from a single laptop to the cloud. Its service-based architecture naturally supports collaboration between multiple users, letting them access the software from standard Web browsers, much like familiar applications such as Google Maps.

NCTracer Web (beta)

The server is currently offline for maintenance.

The beta/preview version of NCTracer Web, with limited functionality, can be tested in Google Chrome. Select one of the available Datasets (e.g. Neocortical Registered Translation) and load a corresponding Trace Set (Neocortical Layer 1 Axons) to examine some of the planned software functions.

Follow these links to the Developer Documentation and Installation Videos. User documentation and source code of the software will be available shortly.